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Phone: CALL or TEXT (616) 299-1010

Perfect 10 Dancers Call or Text: 616-299-1010
Perfect 10 Dancers Call or Text: 616-299-1010

What type of entertainment do you offer? In addition to providing great bachelor party entertainment, we also have exotic dancers for birthdays, retirement, going away, or any type of party. Our girls are also involved in many promotions at bars, night clubs, concerts, and radio events. We have also done golf outings, booth girls at conventions, sexy waitresses for any event, poker parties, photo shoots, exotic dance instruction for bachelorette parties, and many, many more events. Any time you need sexy girls, give us a call. We have the sexiest adult entertainment around.


There are a few exotic dancing places in town, why should we choose you? There are so many reasons it would take a separate web site to list them all, but here are a few important ones:

1. Gorgeous dancers: We are extremely picky about the girls we use for parties. All of our girls have photos on the web site so there are no surprises the night of your party.  We are proud of our girls and we like to have you see their photos before you book your party. Don't be fooled by companies that say they use "accurate descriptions" instead of photos, have web sites that somehow manage to offer the same girls and photos for several cities around the country, or photos that are copied from other adult web sites and advertised as "local" dancers. You will be very disappointed when your dancer walks through the door unless you book with Perfect 10.

2. Reliability: Our dancers actually show up to your party. You would be surprised by the great number of phone calls we receive on Saturday night from people who booked from a different company and their dancer never showed up. While we occasionally might be able to send someone out last minute, we are usually completely booked up by Saturday night.  If you didn't book with us, unfortunately you run the risk of your dancer from someplace else never showing up. We have been in business for over 15 years and have never had an entertainer not show up for a party.

3. Price: Our prices are extremely reasonable. We also fulfill what we advertise. Don't be fooled by places that charge a little less than us for the dancer to arrive, but then charge almost double that when the dancer shows up because their price didn't include "nudity". You end up paying much more for exactly what we offer for a lower price initially. We offer a "totally nude" price as well as a "topless" quote instead of surprising you with an "extra charge for nudity" the night of the party. We also guarantee at least one hour for our nude parties, while many other places do not offer time guarantees and leave after 15 minutes.

4. Peace of Mind: Once you have a dancer reserved with us, you no longer have to worry about entertainment. If at any time you would like to make sure of your arrangements or have any questions, you can call our customer service line and be reassured that everything is going as planned.

5. Our impressive client list: Our dancers have been hired and well received by many famous clients:  World Wrestling Entertainment, The Ron and Don Morning Radio Show, Comedian Gabriel Iglesias, several rock bands (including Motley Crue, the Toadies, Sammy Hagar, and Monster Magnet), radio stations WKLQ, WLAV, and WGRD, Hedonism Resorts in Jamaica, Qualton Club Resort in Mexico, Scoreboard Magazine, Burton Snowboards and Apparel, and many more. These are the type of girls you can hire today to appear at your party! You deserve the best, and we are without question the best exotic dancer service in Michigan!


The girls on this site are GORGEOUS, are the pictures of your actual dancers? Yes. 100%. We only have photos of girls currently doing parties for us. The pictures are current, real, and updated constantly if there are any changes to the lineup. We encourage you to pick out the exact dancer you would like to have at your party. We will make every effort to ensure that dancer will be at your party. In rare cases we may need to change scheduled dancers, so please make a few choices. Only dancers actually on our web site appear at parties, so you can rest assured you will be getting a quality dancer without exception.


How far in advance should we reserve a dancer? As far in advance as possible. As you see, our dancers are the hottest around and book up very quickly.


How much do you charge? The charge for an exotic entertainer varies depending on a variety of things. We offer bikini, topless, and nude shows. There is also a travel fee for parties outside of the Grand Rapids area. To find out a specific price for your party, give us a call. The typical cost for a party in Grand Rapids is $200 for topless, $250 for completely nude. (2 Girl Parties are $380 topless, $480 nude).


When/how do we pay? We accept all major credit cards, so if you choose to pay with a credit card you may take care of payment over the phone when you reserve. We also accept cash. If you choose to pay cash, you may pay the dancer when she arrives at your party. We accept checks and money orders as long as we receive them a minimum of 10 days before your party. We may require a deposit for any out of town parties. (see cancellation policy below)


What if we have to cancel after we have made a reservation? Any cancellation made more than 48 hours in advance will not require any payment. If you cancel within 48 hours of the party, payment will be required in full. Our dancers are very much in demand and we stop booking parties for them once they are reserved. Collection of the fee is necessary to compensate the performer after a last minute cancellation since we would not be able to re-book her for another party.


How long will the dancer be at my party? That all depends on the size of your party and how many people other than the guest of honor want to get dances. She will do a 20 minute striptease for the guest of honor, then will stay at the party and give dollar dances and/or lap dances for anyone else who would like to participate. We do encourage our dancers to perform at least 30 minutes for a topless party, or at least 1 hour for a nude party. It is possible for her to stay longer depending on her schedule, her comfort level at your party, and of course, your generosity with tips.


I would like 2 dancers, which ones work well together? As with any place of work, some workers always work better with certain people. If you are going to have 2 dancers, we suggest you pick out your favorite girl and let her choose who she wants to work with. This almost always makes for a better party.


How long have you been in business? 2022 is our 24th year as Perfect 10 Entertainment. We are locally owned and operated.


Do you offer massage, escorts, or one on one shows? No, no, and no. We stay clear of anything that even remotely resembles prostitution or anything illegal. We offer beautiful girls for classy, sexy bachelor party or birthday party entertainment or promotions.


Can we take pictures or video? NO cameras or video cameras are allowed to be used during the party. Many of our girls are available for modeling photo shoots, but no in action shots at a party may be taken.


What is your mailing address? Perfect 10 Entertainment, PO Box 2941, Grand Rapids, MI 49501.


What is a good time to have the dancer come to our party? We recommend you schedule her to arrive about 2 hours after the party is scheduled to start. Bachelor and birthday parties are notorious for having late arriving guests, and you want to make sure no one misses the fun. We also ask that you give us a 1 hour window for the dancer to arrive. For example, if the ideal time you would like to have her there is 9 PM, we will schedule her to arrive sometime between 8:30 and 9:30 to get things started.


Will the dancer need anything when she arrives? Other than the fee if it hasn't been taken care of by credit card, our dancers will need a bathroom to freshen up before the party and a CD player in the room where the party is happening. (if you do not have a CD player to provide, please let us know and we will bring a "boom box".) Also, a sturdy, kitchen table type chair, preferably with no arm rests. It is ideal to start the guest of honor off seated in a chair of this type.


Do all the dancers put on the same type of show? No, they don't. Our dancers performances vary as widely as their looks. Personalities of the dancers can sometimes be extremely different. We recommend you check out the reviews section as well as the photos of the dancers before you book your party to get an idea of each dancers personality as well as their looks.


I've been at two separate parties where the same dancer performed and the performances were quite different, why is this? Two reasons, comfort level and surroundings. A party in a pole born on a cement floor may differ quite a bit from a party indoors in comfy room with carpeted floors. Both parties would still be entertaining, and there are advantages to both, but the content would most likely be different. The dancers also feed off the parties energy. If it's an enthusiastic and positive party where the guys are generous and complimentary, the show would obviously be different than at a party where the guys were being rude and disrespectful. Like we always say, if you treat your dancer like a princess, she unleashes her wild side. If you disrespect her, she will be afraid to get close enough to you to even give you a good dance.


The bachelor doesn't want to get dances so his fiancee won't get mad, is this okay? Of course it's okay. We certainly don't want to get anyone in trouble. If there are any specific rules you have for your bachelor or ANYONE at the party about getting dances, PLEASE tell us. We will follow your rules just as we expect you to follow ours.


Is there anything else I can do to make sure the dancer is comfortable? Many people worry about their friends being obnoxious and crazy. Obnoxious and crazy isn't a bad thing unless it is negative. A few negative or vulgar comments yelled at the dancer will make her extremely uncomfortable. Just tell your friends to try to respect the dancer and remember she is a real, live, human being who's feelings can get hurt just like yours or mine. A dancer who is at a party where the guys are making her feel sexy and appreciated will always put on a far better show than a party where she feels uncomfortable because she is being harassed.


What are some of the pet peeves of exotic dancers so we can try to avoid them? Well, since you asked, we'll give you a top 5 list:

1. THE DIRECTOR; The guy at the party who needs to feel like he's in control of everything. He is constantly shouting instructions to the dancer "Do this", "Do that", "Why haven't you danced for him?", etc... Instead of relaxing and enjoying the party, he is in such a hurry to have the dancer do everything that it decreases the enjoyment of the party for everyone. Tell the "director" to relax and enjoy the party. The dancer knows what she's doing and will make sure everyone who wants dances will get them.

2. BACKHANDED COMPLIMENTS; Even though you may think you are trying to compliment the dancer, think about how things actually sound before you say them. For example, you may think she is the most beautiful woman you ever saw, and after 20 minutes of inspecting her to try and find even one little flaw you say, "Wow, you are almost perfect except for that little birthmark on your calf" may seem like a compliment to you, but what the dancer hears is "Wow, that birthmark is the ugliest damn thing I ever saw, get away from me". Try to imagine how vulnerable it would be to be the only person naked in front of a room full of people.

3. TONGUES; Please, please, please, keep your tongue inside your mouth. If we start to dance for you and your tongue darts out of your mouth, the dance is over. Tongues frighten us. Thanks.

4. BEER POURING; There are few things that upset us more than having beer poured on our naked bodies. We will never understand why so many people try to do this. Drink your beer, offer us a beer, but DON'T waste it by throwing it or pouring it on us.

5. NEGATIVITY; Any type of negative comment depresses us quite a bit. We really are working very hard and trying our best to give you a great show, and negative comments can really tear us apart. Be nice. :)

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